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ComSoft long term partnerships with customers


On the market of information technologies ComSoft Ltd. focuses its efforts primarily in the field of public administration, banking and insurance, telecommunications, large and medium (for the scale of the Republic of Bulgaria) manufacturing enterprises, including representatives of foreign companies or their branches. The aim is to achieve long term partnership with customers (relatively few, but with serious plans in the application and use of information technologies) and complete satisfaction of their needs and requirements in the field of IT.

ComSoft Ltd. has participated and is currently involved in projects related to contracts and tenders won under the Public Procurement Act and PHARE.

ComSoft Ltd. has participated and is currently involved in projects related to tenders for Special Public Procurement, requiring classified contracts and observing the regulations of the Protection of Classified Information Act. Regarding this specific line of business, the company keeps a classified information register. 

Some of the information systems developed by ComSoft Ltd. have been implemented and are being operated and maintained in a number of countries in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia.

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