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About us

ComSoft Ltd. is registered as a limited liability company with Decision of Sofia City Court on January 27, 1992 and it is entered in the Trade Register under company file №119 of 1992. The company’s business activity recorded in the court’s decision is: developing, packaging, distribution, installation and implementation of computer systems, software, hardware, consulting, training, operation and maintenance, operation and design of computer systems, software and hardware, training and pre-trade and inner trading activity with any goods permitted by law.

The company is partner of Hewlett-Packard Corporation’s since 1994. Comsoft Ltd. offers to the Bulgarian market full range of products and services of the Corporation, including highly productive  HP-UX, Linux и Microsoft based solutions for the consolidation of servers (including clusters), data consolidation (including RISC, Intel Itanium и Intel Xeon – based servers, specialized, high performance and reliable storage systems), archiving systems, specialized base and technology software (incl. for developing of complex and integrated solutions and for managing and monitoring of systems and resources), spare (disaster recovery) centers etc. These solutions include not only delivery, installation and setting up the technical infrastructure, consisting of coordinated hardware and software components but also the design and developement of the infrastructure, respective to the pre-set requirements, consulting, training and providing a wide range of maintenance services of critical systems operating in uninterruptible mode in on-line and / or real time mode.

Another major partner of the company since 1997 is the Oracle Corporation with its full range of technological and application programs and systems.

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