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Съобщение за ценови предложения визуализация Наръчник по управление на ИСУ

Since 1 May 2013 Comsoft Ltd. has a new address.

47 Knyaginya Maria-Luiza blvd., floor 1, 1202 Sofia, Bulgaria

Thomas Tholke’s interview for itForum

Mr. Thomas Thölke, ASTARO Business Development Manager EMEA, gave interview to itForum, the Issue from...

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ComSoft offers solutions in the following areas:


Development, implementation and maintenance of information systems


ComSoft Ltd. designs, develops and implements new information systems, based on Unix, Linux, Windows, Novell, Java, RDBMS and operating in web and in client-server mode. The company provides migration and maintenance of the systems, as well as integration with the existing environment, in close cooperation with its customers.

System integration and consultancy services


After thorough  analysis of the needs and requirements, ComSoft Ltd. proposes integrated solutions, based on the newest IT technologies and tailored to the specific business processes of the client. The company has a qualified team of professionals with proven experience in the development and implementation of large-scale projects.

Installation and maintenance of hardware systems


ComSoft Ltd. offers to the Bulgarian market a wide range of hardware and software systems from leading worldwide IT manufacturers. The qualification of the technical staff and the quality of the offered equipment ensure smooth operation and maintenance.

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